My friend, TJ MacLeslie, carefully and prayerfully invites you to Journey with him as he tells his story in The Pursuit of a Thirsty Fool. He candidly shares his days of wandering without God in his life and leads you to his turning point that sets the stage for a new beginning as he becomes an explorer with God.  His story emphasizes both his inner and outer struggle as he puts God first in all things.  His spiritual sensitivity as he tells his story will make you want to sit down with him for a long cup of coffee.

— Jim Smoke

Author, Speaker and Life Coach

There is a fine line between detailing the sordid mess of our lives and highlighting the beauty of God’s grace. In my opinion T.J. MacLeslie gets this right.

— G. Phillimore
Retired minister

I have known the author since he was in grade school, and reconnected with him again through reading “The Pursuit of a Thirsty Fool.” I could not put the book down!

All his life, the author had been pursuing legitimate, God-given longings, but in illegitimate ways that left him parched within. His energetic pursuit of acceptance, love, adventure, and beauty were never satisfied by the counterfeits he sought out. His heart longed for the very reality that the unremitting love of the Father, the Son and the Spirit had already prepared for him. The author describes his wandering journey with brutal honesty, transparent vulnerability, and a vibrant, God-centered view on life.

I was particularly captured by the relational view of God that he so accurately sketches out in a way we can all identify with. I have already given this manuscript to several wandering friends who battle in similar ways. I recommend reading “The Pursuit of a Thirsty Fool,” then giving it away to your foolish friends who you long to see come into a vital relationship with the grand Pursuer.
– Jim Fredericks 
businessman, former pastor and missionary

In his  book, “The Pursuit Of A Thirsty Soul.” T .J. MacLeslie gives us a tremendous gift; a bare knuckles telling of his brokenness, a crystal clear view into the most intimate places of his soul, and a transparent rendering of his life’s journey of discovering intimacy with God.  As I have known T. J., I have seen a man of God who refused to conform to the other people’s expectations, demands, or doctrines.  He has been a refreshingly transparent and authentic brother in Christ who has consistently challenged my thinking as well as inspired me to pursue God more fully from the heart.

T.J. gently encourages us to go beyond the assumptions of our childhood religion and lay hold of all that God has to offer. T. J.’s brand of transparency, honesty, and intellectual integrity is a rare gift in today’s world and perhaps even more rare in the Church at large.  We have a desperate need to be “real” while at the same time being “really hungry” for God.

— Jim Roden

Lead Pastor – The Journey Evangelical Free Church

In telling the story of his life, T.J. MacLeslie challenges many of the sacred cows and long-held beliefs of evangelicals. This book is a must read for all who have struggled with life, with faith, with the question of the reality of God.
— David L. Wickstrom, Ph.D.
clinical psychologist and missions consultant

God is the unabashed hero of this book, and T.J. MacLeslie a servant He is using to bring glory to His name.
— Matthew VanderHeiden
Academic Dean and Lecturer, Portuguese Bible Institute

This is an apt title for a rather very revealing and transparent work. From beginning to end, the proverbial truth stranger than fiction. It reveals the rife battle which goes on in the heart and mind of the twenty-first century Christian. An authentic spiritual autobiography which emphasizes the redeeming love of God, His loving patience which sees us through all our struggles until we appear in His presence.

This book is a mixture of the bear of his heart, and a cocktail of practical teaching. This is a man worse than the prodigal son. If you have ever felt you are beyond redemption, this is the book for you. It touches on all the major issues of the Christian walk. Clearly, this journey is a struggle limited not only to one wayward life but to myriads of others all over Christendom.
— JFK Mensah
Author, and mission leader for Pioneers in North West Africa

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