Update…4 years late…

have been neglecting this site for far too long. In the more than 4 years I have been away, a lot has happened. I wrote a new book, Designed for Relationship, the sequel I mentioned in the last news I posted here. I also served as the executive editor of a collection of letters from global mission leaders, Forged on the Field. Not to mention that I have been continuing to serve ministers and missionaries around the world through prayer and soul care. It has been a busy season but a fulfilling one. I am pleased to announce that we have recently published a revised and expanded edition of Pursuit of a Thirsty Fool. Sorry to have been away so long!

-November 2016

Sequel on the way!

Sales of Pursuit of a Thirsty Fool have been picking up lately, and there has been interest in a sequel. I am pleased to announce that the sequel is in process! The next book will further explore the themes of Pursuit and explore more deeply what it might look like when we begin to respond to God. As we respond to His wooing, how do we learn to love God with all we are?
-May 4,2012
Reviews coming in:
The book has been reviewed a couple of times on Amazon.com. If you have read the book, feel free to click over to Amazon and add a review. We have received some great comments from readers, and hope to update this site soon so that readers can post comments and questions here as well.
-May 16, 2011

Proofs in hand!
I now have the proofs for the ebook editions! Also the proofs are at the printer and after a final check we should be ready to print soon. So, it looks like we will make the April 15th release date for the paperback book. 
 -March 25, 2011

A few more delays

Well, I know that the Lord is working on me still, particularly in the area of patience. I just heard from the publisher that it will be a few more weeks before we have the book in hand. We are now looking at a release date of April 15th. In the meantime, there is a new excerpt to check out.

-March 18, 2011


Finishing the Formatting!

The interior formatting is nearly complete. Just a few more technical steps and some proofing to be done, and then we’ll be ready to send it to the printer. It looks like we’ll be able to release the digital edition simultaneously with the print edition. We’ll keep you posted here.

-March 8, 2011


The cover design is done!

It looks like the cover design is done. Another milestone reached. I worked with the designer and the publisher for a while and then checked out of the process. When I checked back in a month later, they had gone a completely different direction. I was very surprised, but I am really happy with what we have.
-February 21, 2011
The final text is done!
After months of discussion and editing, the final text is settled. This is an encouraging milestone! I say this, but I recognize that we may have to do some final copy editing before it is printed. It is still encouraging to reach this point.
-February 2, 2011