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I am new to the writing thing. I have more experience in face to face communication. Writing is an odd form of communication in that you don’t get to read the audience. You don’t get the advantage of tone or non-verbal cues. You have to rely on your words alone to communicate for you.

Then you hurl your carefully chosen words into the silent void of the publishing process, hoping that what eventually makes it into print communicates to those who read it.

Today the book received another review. I find reviews to be really helpful, particularly when they are honest reviews from people who have never met me. The review today was one of those. When she tweeted that the review was posted I was a little nervous, but as I read her review I felt like she had really “gotten” the book.

Somehow the miracle of communication had happened. I have often said that good communication is when you hear what I intend to say. Apparently that took place as when Kathy read Pursuit of a Thirsty Fool.

Praise be to God

You can find the review here:

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