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One of the things I find most difficult about being a writer is the primarily one way nature of the communication. I write something and others read it, so we are engaged in a conversation of sorts, but I rarely hear back. In one sense that makes it a one way conversation, as if I’m sitting in front of my computer narcissistically pontificating and demanding a hearing.

On the other hand, I assume that the conversation we’re having is actually part of a larger conversation you are having. That my words are somehow a part of your journey, the conversation you are living with God, and with those around you. 
Today I received an email from a reader, from a friend, about our conversation. I was moved, and I thought I would share it with you:

I stayed at a B&B this past Friday night in an attempt to take a personal retreat to pray and write and prepare for sharing in a church service Sunday. God has other plans and I am sooooo thankful for His grace to keep my heart people-oriented and listening to Him instead of insisting on my own agenda! I had some great, and quite lengthy conversations with the manager of the B&B, “Bob”. He grew up Roman Catholic, but for some reason decided to read the Bible in college. He spent 2 years deeply studying Scripture from beginning to end with study books and everything! He got a little frustrated not being able to understand the minor prophets and gave up studying for a while. We talked about God’s pursuit of us, faith being about relationship and the idea of Scripture’s primary purpose being to reveal God to us and transform. I encouraged him to find people to study with should he choose to start up again. And, I suggested he read your book. It seemed really fitting as he wrestles through having the hunger/desire to learn and go deeper (and seeming to innately know that there is much depth to explore), but at the same time being frustrated with the way in which he has pursued this in the past. I am so thankful for the real-ness of your book that I feel completely comfortable recommending it to someone like “Bob” who is seeking, knowing that it would be invitational to him. I couldn’t think of any other books that would as fitting! Thank you, again! The fruit of that hard work of your heart and time is not finished being produced!!!
This was good news. Great news! So the conversation continues…
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